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AMS Counseling and Consultation Client Testimonials

Individual Counseling Client
    • "If you need someone to talk to for whatever reason, I think you'll find AnnMarie to be not only a blessing in your life, but a privilege. As a counselor she is soft and sensitive with the ability to inspire you to make better choices. You can trust her advice and feel confident taking action. She makes life a little more organized for you, and trying new things won't be so uncomfortable because you've got her on your side. Believe me, that's saying a lot. AnnMarie gives you power... a power that most likely you don't even know is there. She's smart as a whip and knows what she's talking about. Some people prefer talking to friends about their personal issues. I prefer talking to AnnMarie. She listens to what you have to say and not only is the information infinitely more substantial, but worthwhile."


Couples Counseling Client
    • "Need some life-changing experiences?  I have found AnnMarie to be incredibly smart, compassionate and experienced, as well as highly knowledgeable. She is also a really fun, genuine person to work with. She is kind and open-minded while remaining very focused on results, and I have seen more progress working in the last few months under her care than I have working with other mental health professionals over the last ten years."

Business Coaching Client
    • "AnnMarie provided excellent mentorship and guidance for the development of my private practice.  Since I have worked with her, I have tripled my clientele and have a thriving practice.  She provided valuable insight and coaching to help me change my approach during the first appointment and develop a stronger rapport with my clients. She also helped me understand the needs of private practice clients, which are very different from community mental health clients.  A different approach is needed to succeed in private practice.  AnnMarie is a valuable and highly recommended resource for anyone wanting to succeed in private practice."   - Seattle Counselor

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