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AnnMarie is MBTI certified



Myers Briggs

After scheduling an appointment, you will be provided detailed instructions on how to complete the online Myers Briggs Personality Assessment.  The price is $65 for the Myers Briggs Assessment and $95 for the individual session. Our session may take place in person or by phone.  The 50-minute session will include a detailed report of the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment and the opportunity to review your results with a professional counselor.  Call today to schedule your appointment.


What can the Myers Briggs do for you?

• Understand how you take in information and make decisions.


• Get more out of life through enhancing and improving your relationships.


• Reach your full professional potential and decrease job related stress.


• Communicate more effectively in both your personal and professional life.


• Manage people through successful organizational development and team building.


• Improve your self-esteem through self acceptance.


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